Tips For Reviving Your Spiritual Spark

Do gospel sermons seems like tired, old reruns? Does your mind and your mouth switch to automatic pilot during hymns? Do you get a lot more excited about your favorite sports team than you are about being a disciple of Jesus? Do you find yourself criticizing the sermon and the song leader rather than searching for what you can learn from the services? Do those smiling, happy Christians get on your nerves? These are warning signals to the Christian to awake and rekindle their passion for their first love. Like a hot air balloon when the flame burns out we begin to drift down toward destruction. When the flame burns hot and bright we sour higher toward heaven and closer to God. Every Christian and every congregation needs to work hard to revive its spiritual spark. Below are some tips that might help.

1) Telephone and talk to a friend about it.
2) Read a biography of a faithful preacher.
3) Take a walk alone in a park or field and pray aloud to God.
4) Study a book of the Bible until you “own” it.
5) Sit back and listen to a recording of Scriptures.
6) Go through and pick out our 10 favorite songs and study the words then jot down why they are your favorite.
7) Find someone with their own problems and lift their spirits.
8) Do a Bible study of a character you admire.
9) Keep a spiritual diary.
10) Memorize a chapter of the Bible.
11) Take notes during the sermon.
12) Figure the difference it would make to God’s work if you gave God a pre-tax offering rather than a post-tax offering.
13) Do a word study throughout the Bible: Love, hope, propitiation, etc.
14) Pray daily for someone you have problems liking.
15) Attend a gospel meeting in a small church far away.
16) Write lyrics to go with the music of a hymn. Sing it.
17) Memorize a piece of uplifting poetry.
18) Check out a religious book from the library.
19) Fast from a specific time. Pray during the time you would usually eat.
20) Share the gospel with someone.
21) After each chapter you read in the N.T., write a sentence summary of the chapter and a personal sentence on what that chapter said to you.
22) Draw a cross. Then list all your sins that come back to haunt you as dark memories and then in red ink write “Nailed to the Cross” then throw it away.
23) Write out a prayer to God.
24) Teach a class.
25) Do one act of kindness each day that you never expect to be thanked for.
26) Pray through the front pages of your newspaper and News.
27) Each day for a week write down how your day would have been different if you were not a Christian.
28) Know each book of the Bible well enough to state in one sentence what the book is about, and recite one key verse that captures for you what the book is saying.
29) Assess your giving. Picture Jesus with nail scared hands passing the collection plate.
30) Attend Bible Study Sunday morning and Wednesday.

Remember, 10,000 ideas won’t work unless you are willing to commit the time. Do it! Today.

– Daniel R. Vess

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