The Forum – November 13, 2016 – A Measure of Faith

A Measure of Faith Romans 12:3 Paul begins Romans chapter twelve calling for righteous living before God. First, the saints must dedicated their bodies as living sacrifices to God (12:1). Second, they must avoid conforming to this world by undergoing a spiritual metamorphosis “by the renewing of their minds” (12:2). Starting in verse three Paul […]

The Forum – November 06, 2016 – Does Grace Ever Make You Angry?

Does Grace Ever Make You Angry? Are you angry with Grace? We are not talking about a woman named Grace. Instead it is the ideal of someone being mad about God’s grace. There are several instances in the Bible where men and women were actually upset over the unmerited favor of God being bestowed on […]

The Forum – October 30, 2016 – Burning Fiery Furnace

Burning Fiery Furnace Daniel 3 Eight times in Daniel three the phrase “burning fiery furnace” is mentioned in the New King James Version (Daniel 3:6,11,15,17,20,21,23,26). The Bible event is depicted in the catacombs by early Christians who were being persecuted by the Romans. Perhaps it was an inspiration to them in their time of oppression. […]

The Forum – October 23, 2016 – Do You Have White Shoulders?

“Do You Have White Shoulders?” One day I wanted to buy my wife a gift she would really appreciate. So off to the local mall I went. Beverley loved a particular perfume called “White Shoulders.” Entering in the J.C. Penny store I walk right up to the counter and the young saleswoman turns and promptly […]