Ten Immodesty Magnets

The Bible approaches the idea of immodesty in dress from two different points of view. Women are to dress modestly (1 Tim. 2:9,10). Men are not to lust after women whether they are modestly dressed or not (Matt. 5:27-28). Keep in mind the Scriptures do not imply that men can dress any way they so desire in front of women because modesty is not an issue for males. Men need to respect women by dressing in a godly manner.

Some women, even those who proclaim to worship God (1 Tim. 2:10b), seem to dress anyway they please without regard for the impact it may have on those men who see her. They may even know that they are tempting men to look, lust, and sin in their hearts. However, they feel they have the liberty to dress according to whatever is the fashion and if a man is tempted and sins that is entirely his problem. Her attitude is like that of the woman in Proverbs: “this is the way of an adulterous woman: she eats and wipes her mouth and says, ‘I’ve done nothing wrong’” (Prov. 30:20). Although every man must take responsibly for where he trains his eyes and what he allows to dwell in his mind, women are responsible not be to a stumbling block by dressing immodestly.

Some women understand the way God created men to be attracted to women. They will either dress in a chaste manner or they will dress in a manner to be chased. Some love to dress provocatively because they love to be seen by men and lusted after. Other women love God and the souls of men. These ladies will dress in a way to encourage men to see them as beautiful women of virtue instead of advertising themselves as sex objects.

Immodesty has been excused by some women because they dress with pure motives. They may dress in immodest clothing (or the lack there of) because they want to exercise or be cool on a hot day or just “catch some rays.” If she exposes herself she just might catch some rays: “Ray Jones, Ray Smith, Ray Roberts, etc.” What all women need to understand is: purity of a woman’s motive does not nullify the impact of immodesty on the man’s heart.

An elderly preacher’s sermon on YouTube gave ten immodesty magnets which attract the attention of men.

1) Wearing shirts or dresses with long slits which expose the upper leg.

2) Tight and form fitting clothing which accentuate their derrière.

3) Tight and form fitting clothing which emphasizes their breast.

4) Clothing which reveals cleavage even that which is not revealing while standing upright but immodest when they bend over.

5) Sleeveless clothing which have large arm holes leaving skin and underwear exposed when their arms are raised.

6) Pants or skirts which hang below the hips.

7) Any type of see-through clothing.

8) Short, shorts and mini skirts.

9) Tight or form fitting clothing which accentuate the crotch.

10) Clothing which presents a bare midriff or bare back.

This list was given by Al Martin. His candor and wisdom should help ladies with morality control issues in regard to how they dress.

– Daniel R. Vess

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